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Furnace and A/C

Replacing older HVAC equipment with a new Energy Star high-efficiency model saves you money every time you heat or cool your house, especially if it’s installed properly by professionals. When you choose HVACfurnaceToronto.com for your furnaces replacement

HVAC Rent-to-Own

The HVAC rent-to-own (RTO) program has advantages of both Rental and Financing programs. Like Renting and Financing, RTO requires no upfront charges and payments are made monthly.In case of equipment failure, both Rental and RTO programs provide

HVAC Rental

Like most things, central air conditioners and furnaces lose value, depreciating over time. If you’d rather spend your money on something else, like a vacation or home renovation, then it’s better to rent a furnace from the best heating contractor in Toronto may be the best

HVAC Maintenance

Like a car, furnace and air conditioners need service to work properly. In fact, HVAC units should be serviced every year, or at least every two, to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. It will also ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.

Water Heater

We sell and install all types of water heaters: power vented, tankless, solar and combo water heaters such as Polaris (combination water and space heating systems).To guarantee all our customers the best quality and highest performance, we install only Bradford White water

Water Treatment

Many people who use city or well water aren’t using a water treatment system. Here’s why you should.According to the latest research, most tap and well water in the North America and Canada is now unsafe for drinking due to industrial and environmental pollution.

Tankless Heater

Tankless water heaters, also known as “on-demand” or “instantaneous” water heaters, are the most efficient kind, saving homeowners energy and money.Tankless water heaters with electronic ignition produce hot water only when you need it and avoid standby heat loss


Many homes all across Toronto and the GTA still use hot water and steam to heat their homes. Boiler heating systems are reliable, durable, and provide clean, dust-free heat, and they allow you to heat different zones in your home. Instead of heating the whole house


Looking for one single run or a whole-home ductwork system? Let us install it for you! Proper ductwork is the heart of any HVAC system, ensuring even delivery of cooled and heated air throughout your home. Some say ductwork even more important than the furnace or air

Conversion to Gas

Convert your home to natural gas today and start saving about $2,000 annually. (See chart above). The conversion of your electrically or oil-heated house to natural gas will not only offer considerable savings, but will also increase the value of your home, and improve

Other Products

Our company specializes in the following services and products provided in Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA and Southern Ontario. Installation of ductless split air conditioners and heat pumps (heating functions) good for homes or businesses without need for ductwork.