Conversion to Gas

Convert your home to natural gas today and start saving about $2,000 annually. (See chart above).


The conversion of your electrically or oil-heated house to natural gas will not only offer considerable savings, but will also increase the value of your home, and improve comfort air quality.


Natural gas is an efficient, safe, and dependable energy source that will let you get rid of your home’s oil tank, unsightly electrical baseboards, and stop worrying about fuel deliveries and huge hydro bills. Gas offers a constant supply of energy to your home for less.


Conversion to Gas Toronto Furnace

In addition, natural gas is one of the cleanest and greenest fuels, producing no soot or fumes. A standard residential home converted to natural gas heating will emit up to 40% less greenhouse gas and up to 99.9% less sulfur dioxide–two major causes of pollution, climate change and acid rain.

“In fact, converting just one home from oil to natural gas is equivalent to taking six cars off the street for a year. Help make a cleaner, greener your community. Choose natural gas today!”
And natural gas doesn’t just heat your home, it can heat water, dry your clothes, and help you cook faster and more efficiently. It can also be used in gas fireplaces, barbecues, gas lighting and heat for pools, hot tubs and garages.


Let us install a high-efficiency gas furnace, air conditioner, air filter, or humidifier and improve circulation, humidification, cleaning and cooling of your indoor air. Ask us for a quote on your natural gas conversion project today. We service Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA and other parts of Southern Ontario.