HVAC Rent-to-Own

The HVAC rent-to-own (RTO) program has advantages of both Rental and Financing programs. Like Renting and Financing, RTO requires no upfront charges and payments are made monthly.

In case of equipment failure, both Rental and RTO programs provide customers with free repair services and maintenance as needed. Both Financing and RTO have low monthly charges starting at just 27.95/month plus tax (Furnace Special Price is $29.99+HST Flat – Contact Us). However, unlike Rental, RTO requires a credit check and has less flexibility in paperwork if transferred to a new homeowner. To check more about our Rental Program Click Here.


So, in other words, if you are not sure about the state of your credit or are planning to sell a house in near future then we recommend you to go with either our Rental or Direct Purchase program.


The main benefit of the RTO over both Rental and Financing is that you can pay the outstanding balance and buy the furnace or air conditioner at any time, with no penalties or cancellation fees. Also, unlike renting, RTO lets you keep the comprehensive parts and labor warranty active for at least 10 years from the day of installation, even if you decided to purchase it.


The Rent-to-Own program is available in 60-, 120- and 180-month terms, with no penalties for early pay-off or term change.


For more information about our rent-to-own program, contact us and let us help you decide which program is best for you. Watch this VIDEO to learn more about RTO.