Rent a Furnace In Toronto

Like most things, central air conditioners and furnaces lose value, depreciating over time. If you’d rather spend your money on something else, like a vacation or home renovation, then it’s better to rent a furnace from the best heating contractor in Toronto may be the best option for you.


Our team of professionals will install HVAC equipment at no cost, with no credit check, and provide you with a full rental warranty and service for the duration of the rental program (120 months). That means no extra charges if the furnace or air conditioner breaks or needs service. No need to worry about equipment brand or product warranty-everything is covered.  And, if you sell your house, the program will be automatically transferred to the new homeowner.


Many people in Toronto and other parts of Ontario are already renting their Hot Water Tanks or leasing cars, so why not HVAC equipment? When we ask homeowners why they rent their hot water tank, most respond that they like the fact that they don’t have to worry about costly repairs or, worse, unexpected replacements. Statistics shows that a furnace is five times more likely to break down than a hot water tank!


Don’t wait until your equipment breaks down, do the right thing for yourself and the environment by upgrading your old, inefficient equipment through our Rental or Rent-to-Own program and let us take care of all your HVAC needs.